[ uh-buhv-ground ]


  1. situated on or above the ground.
  2. not secret or hidden; in the open:

    the aboveground activities of the country's left-wing faction.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of aboveground1

First recorded in 1875–80; above + ground 1

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Example Sentences

In Ideal and much of South Dallas, power and other utility lines are largely aboveground, suspended along and across streets on giant poles.

From Time

Some naked mole-rats are specially equipped with abundant fat reserves that allow them to journey long distances aboveground.

Gone are striking curved roofs, with both aboveground stations now having flat photovoltaic canopies to help charge the Tesla vehicles.

That CO2 rises, gathers in pressurized pockets in Earth’s crust and seeps into groundwater that feeds springs aboveground.

It is one of the richest areas for aboveground dinosaur tracks in Europe.

The body lay in an aboveground marble sarcophagus guarded by no groundskeepers or watchmen, just one lonely padlock.

Winning the War of Independence, the Israelis were free to manufacture weapons aboveground.

The mod-looking bright red capsule, called Skyride, hangs from a 12-foot-tall circular aboveground track.

The noose around his neck is attached, aboveground, to a flying white bat.

"A frightful blood-bath," by all the Accounts: blood-bath, brandy-bath, and chief Nucleus of Chaos then extant aboveground.

These sheets should be used in an upright position, and at least five feet should be underground and seven feet aboveground.

Each side measures sixteen feet in length, extending four feet underground and four feet aboveground.

In the month of February it is pruned and sunk into the earth, as already described, so as to leave only the new wood aboveground.

No less than 60,000 was spent upon them and the castellated structure aboveground.


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