[ ab-skwoch-uh-leyt ]
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verb (used without object),ab·squat·u·lat·ed, ab·squat·u·lat·ing.Slang.
  1. to flee; abscond: The old prospector absquatulated with our picks and shovel.

Origin of absquatulate

1820–30; pseudo-Latinism, from ab-, squat, and -ulate, paralleling Latin-derived words with initial abs- (e.g., abscond, abstention) and final -tulate (e.g., congratulate)

Other words from absquatulate

  • ab·squat·u·lat·er, noun
  • ab·squat·u·la·tion, noun

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How to use absquatulate in a sentence

  • In the 40's to absquatulate was in good usage, but it has since disappeared.

    The American Language | Henry L. Mencken
  • To "vamose the ranch" means to clear out, to depart, to cut stick, to absquatulate.

    Across America | James F. Rusling
  • absquatulate was a big word, but she understood it, having come across it one day in the Dictionary.

  • The hybrid but expressive Americanism absquatulate, means to clear off; the reverse of to squat.

    The Sailor's Word-Book | William Henry Smyth
  • Prudence warned them to absquatulate, and they determined to cut their lucky, before the inevitable dénouement.

British Dictionary definitions for absquatulate


/ (æbˈskwɒtjʊˌleɪt) /

  1. (intr) to leave; decamp

Origin of absquatulate

C19: humorous formation as if from Latin

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