[ ak-sen-choo-eyt ]
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verb (used with object),ac·cen·tu·at·ed, ac·cen·tu·at·ing.
  1. to give emphasis or prominence to.

  2. to place the stress or emphasis on (a particular syllable or word) when pronouncing it or showing its pronunciation.

Origin of accentuate

First recorded in 1725–35; from Medieval Latin accentuātus intoned (past participle of accentuāre ); see accent, -ate1

Other words from accentuate

  • o·ver·ac·cen·tu·ate, verb (used with object), o·ver·ac·cen·tu·at·ed, o·ver·ac·cen·tu·at·ing.
  • re·ac·cen·tu·ate, verb (used with object), re·ac·cen·tu·at·ed, re·ac·cen·tu·at·ing.

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How to use accentuate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for accentuate


/ (ækˈsɛntʃʊˌeɪt) /

  1. (tr) to stress or emphasize

Derived forms of accentuate

  • accentuation, noun

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