[ noun ak-sent; verb ak-sent, ak-sent ]
/ noun ˈæk sɛnt; verb ˈæk sɛnt, ækˈsɛnt /


verb (used with object)

Origin of accent

1520–30; < Latin accentus speaking tone, equivalent to ac- ac- + -centus, combining form of cantus song (see canto); translation of Greek prosōidía prosody

Related forms

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noun (ˈæksənt)

verb (ækˈsɛnt) (tr)

to mark with an accent in writing, speech, music, etc
to lay particular emphasis or stress on

Word Origin for accent

C14: via Old French from Latin accentus, from ad- to + cantus chant, song. The Latin is a rendering of Greek prosōidia a song sung to music, the tone of a syllable
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