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[ ak-ses-uh-bil-uh-tee ]


  1. the quality of being easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, use, or understand:

    Transportation in boats, land vehicles, and eventually aircraft dramatically increased the accessibility of most locations on the planet.

    What is most immediately noticeable about the music is its accessibility.

  2. the quality of being usable, reachable, obtainable, etc.:

    The closeness and accessibility of the moon allow us to operate there in a way that is not possible with other space destinations.

    The Open Access policy establishes the company’s expectations relating to the public accessibility of data from research done by staff members or outside contractors.

  3. the quality of being suitable or adapted for use by people with disabilities:

    Undoubtedly, tourism and travel revenues will come to depend more and more on adequate accessibility as the number of senior and disabled visitors grows in the coming decades.

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  • un·ac·ces·si·bil·i·ty noun

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Example Sentences

We don’t need gender to solve division of labor problems, but it is such an accessible solution that basically every culture develops some form of it.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency giant Coinbase has been working to make a small corner of the DeFi market accessible to amateurs.

From Fortune

Acronyms like “DNA” can help communicate a complex idea in a short combination of characters and make that concept more accessible.

In your browser, Kibana will be accessible to the localhost port specified.

There is no clear indication of when the full data will be accessible again, and any delay in making it public can compromise the efforts of independent trackers trying to measure the extent of the epidemic.

From Quartz

He no longer tries to keep his own…accessibility...away from himself.

I think it caused enough debate, reflection, and innovation to create the current state of accessibility, which I love.

Accessibility to other ways of life was part of the monumental lifestyle shift enabled by the Industrial Revolution.

Women in Africa and the Middle East are 23 percent less likely than men to have that accessibility.

Lucille has little to say, focusing instead on the alcohol accessibility in the building.

Accessibility to such chemicals and procurement of such chemicals usually lead to a search.

Its ready accessibility from the metropolis is the chief factor in its popularity.

She was in a great temper, and he was soon inclined to regret his accessibility.

Another important feature is to secure accessibility of components in order to make easy repair or adjustment of parts possible.

The Park is only thirty hours from Chicago, and its accessibility adds to its invitingness as a playground.


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