[ ak-ses-uh-bil-uh-tee ]
/ ækˌsɛs əˈbɪl ə ti /
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the quality of being easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, use, or understand:Transportation in boats, land vehicles, and eventually aircraft dramatically increased the accessibility of most locations on the planet.What is most immediately noticeable about the music is its accessibility.
the quality of being usable, reachable, obtainable, etc.: The closeness and accessibility of the Moon allow us to operate there in a way that is not possible with other space destinations.The Open Access policy establishes the company’s expectations relating to the public accessibility of data from research done by staff members or outside contractors.
the quality of being suitable or adapted for use by people with disabilities:Undoubtedly, tourism and travel revenues will come to depend more and more on adequate accessibility as the number of senior and disabled visitors grows in the coming decades.



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un·ac·ces·si·bil·i·ty, noun
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