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[ uh-kleym ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to welcome or salute with shouts or sounds of joy and approval; applaud:

    to acclaim the conquering heroes.

  2. to announce or proclaim with enthusiastic approval:

    to acclaim the new king.

verb (used without object)

  1. to make acclamation; applaud.


/ əˈkleɪm /


  1. tr to acknowledge publicly the excellence of (a person, act, etc)
  2. to salute with cheering, clapping, etc; applaud
  3. tr to acknowledge publicly that (a person) has (some position, quality, etc)

    they acclaimed him king


  1. an enthusiastic approval, expression of enthusiasm, etc

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Derived Forms

  • acˈclaimer, noun

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Other Words From

  • ac·claimer noun
  • reac·claim verb (used with object)
  • unac·claimed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of acclaim1

From the Latin word acclāmāre, dating back to 1630–40. See ac-, claim

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Word History and Origins

Origin of acclaim1

C17: from Latin acclāmāre to shout at, shout applause, from ad- to + clamāre to shout

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Example Sentences

His mother, Helen, was a teacher, journalist and novelist, who found acclaim for feminist works like Evbu My Love, published as part of Macmillan’s iconic Pacesetter series.

From Ozy

Just as she promised when announcing this music’s existence on Thursday morning, Swift’s “Evermore” is the aesthetic sequel to “Folklore,” an album released after a 16-hour heads-up in late July to resounding acclaim.

Clubhouse, an audio-first social-media app used by many with Silicon Valley ties, was launched to critical acclaim earlier this year, only to devolve into the type of misogynistic vitriol that has seeped into every corner of the internet.

In the meantime, BMW introduced its six-cylinder K 1600 touring bikes to worldwide acclaim and has enjoyed a sharply upward trajectory in sales and profits.

The Corvette team is familiar with delighting customers and critics alike, having launched the mid-engine Corvette to world acclaim and becoming one of the most awarded cars in automotive history.

Despite the acclaim and the viral popularity, the band has never lost that independant creative spirit.

Yet, the ever-visionary Van Gogh still feels the possibility of acclaim after his imminent death.

They may not receive public acclaim, but their pride in their work is as intense as their labors.

But the acclaim for The Spy had been so great that I was in for a hiding anyway, and knew it.

The show ran for five seasons, earning both popularity and acclaim in the process.

In the meantime, amid feasts and clamorous acclaim, Gent came slowly north with his staff of secretaries.

You would have all—the love of my wife, the rule of my folk, as well as the acclaim of these city swine.

The Cæsar was a fugitive and a coward, and the people who had the upper hand were prepared to acclaim the hero of their choice.

Many were too full for utterance; they broke down in tears with their first attempt to join in the general acclaim.

Then all the knights of Cornwall gave loud acclaim that their knight had borne himself so well in those encounters.