[ ak-ruh, uh-krah ]
/ ˈæk rə, əˈkrɑ /


the wood of a sapele.


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Origin of accra

probably after Accra

Definition for accra (2 of 3)


or Ak·kra

[ ak-ruh, uh-krah ]
/ ˈæk rə, əˈkrɑ /


a seaport in and the capital of Ghana, on the Gulf of Guinea.

Definition for accra (3 of 3)

[ gah-nuh, gan-uh ]
/ ˈgɑ nə, ˈgæn ə /


a republic in West Africa comprising the former colonies of the Gold Coast and Ashanti, the protectorate of the Northern Territories, and the U.N. trusteeship of British Togoland: member of the Commonwealth of Nations since 1957. 91,843 sq. mi. (237,873 sq. km). Capital: Accra.
Kingdom of, a medieval W African empire extending from near the Atlantic coast almost to Timbuktu; flourished from about the 9th to 12th centuries.


Gha·na·ian, Gha·ni·an [gah-nee-uh n, gan-ee-] /ˈgɑ ni ən, ˈgæn i-/, noun, adjectivepro-Gha·na, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (əˈkrɑː) /


the capital of Ghana, a port on the Gulf of Guinea: built on the site of three 17th-century trading fortresses founded by the English, Dutch, and Danish. Pop: 1 970 000 (2005 est)

British Dictionary definitions for accra (2 of 2)

/ (ˈɡɑːnə) /


a republic in W Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea: a powerful empire from the 4th to the 13th centuries; a major source of gold and slaves for Europeans after 1471; British colony of the Gold Coast established in 1874; united with British Togoland in 1957 and became a republic and a member of the Commonwealth in 1960. Official language: English. Religions: Christian, Muslim, and animist. Currency: cedi. Capital: Accra. Pop: 25 199 609 (2013 est). Area: 238 539 sq km (92 100 sq miles)
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Cultural definitions for accra

[ (gah-nuh) ]

Nation in western Africa bordered to the north by Burkina Faso, to the east by Togo, to the south by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by the Ivory Coast. Its capital and largest city is Accra.

notes for Ghana

It was colonized as the Gold Coast by Britain.
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