[ uh-kyoo-zer ]
/ əˈkyu zər /
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a person who accuses, especially in a court of law: a trial in which the accuser and accused may freely speak.
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Origin of accuser

Middle English word dating back to 1300–50; see origin at accuse, -er1


self-ac·cus·er, noun
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What does accuser mean?

An accuser is someone who accuses someone of a crime or offense—says that they are guilty of it.

Doing so is called making an accusation.

Accusing can happen in everyday situations, such as children accusing each other of not sharing, but accuser is typically only used in serious situations, especially when someone accuses someone else of committing a crime.

The person against whom the accusation is made can be described with the adjective accused. Accused is also used as a noun to refer to a person or people who have been charged with a crime, often as the accused. 

In many legal systems, the accused has the right to face their accuser in court.

Example: This verdict has finally brought some justice to his many accusers.

Where does accuser come from?

The first records of the word accuser come from the 1300s. It ultimately derives from the Latin accūsāre, meaning “to call to account,” from causa, “lawsuit.”

Some accusations are more serious than others, and the word accuser is typically reserved for a person making a very serious accusation, especially one involving a crime. Often, this crime was committed against the accuser, such as some kind of abuse. But an accuser can also be someone who witnessed the crime or has evidence or firsthand knowledge of it. Although people who are accused of a crime in the U.S. have a right to face their accuser during a trial, there are also laws that attempt to protect accusers from retribution, such as after reporting harmful behavior in the workplace.

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What are some other forms related to accuser?

  • self-accuser (noun)
  • accuse (verb)

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How is accuser used in real life?

Accuser is almost always used in serious contexts involving the accusation of a crime.



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She was described as a credible accuser in media reports.

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