[ ak-mee ]
/ ˈæk mi /


the highest point; summit; peak: The empire was at the acme of its power.

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Origin of acme

First recorded in 1610–20, acme is from the Greek word akmḗ point, highest point, extremity

Related formsac·mic [ak-mik] /ˈæk mɪk/, ac·mat·ic [ak-mat-ik] /ækˈmæt ɪk/, adjective

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/ (ˈækmɪ) /


the culminating point, as of achievement or excellence; summit; peak

Word Origin for acme

C16: from Greek akmē

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Word Origin and History for acme



"highest point," 1560s, from Greek akme "(highest) point, edge; peak of anything," from PIE root *ak- "sharp" (see acrid). Written in Greek letters until c.1620. The U.S. grocery store chain was founded 1891 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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