[ noun ak-yoo-puhngk-cher; verb ak-yoo-puhngk-cher, ak-yoo-puhngk- ]
/ noun ˈæk yʊˌpʌŋk tʃər; verb ˈæk yʊˌpʌŋk tʃər, ˌæk yʊˈpʌŋk- /


a Chinese medical practice or procedure that treats illness or provides local anesthesia by the insertion of needles at specified sites of the body.

verb (used with object), ac·u·punc·tured, ac·u·punc·tur·ing.

to perform acupuncture on.

Origin of acupuncture

1675–85; < Latin acū with a needle (ablative of acus needle) or acu- (as combining form of acus) + puncture Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for acupuncture


/ (ˈækjʊˌpʌŋktʃə) /


the insertion of the tips of needles into the skin at specific points for the purpose of treating various disorders by stimulating nerve impulses. Originally Chinese, this method of treatment is practised in many parts of the worldAlso called: stylostixis

Derived Forms

acupunctural, adjectiveacupuncturist, noun

Word Origin for acupuncture

C17: from Latin acus needle + puncture
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Medicine definitions for acupuncture


[ ăkyə-pŭngk′chər ]


A procedure used in or adapted from Chinese medical practice in which specific body areas are pierced with fine needles for therapeutic purposes or to relieve pain or produce regional anesthesia.
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Science definitions for acupuncture


[ ăkyu-pŭngk′chər ]

The practice of inserting thin needles into the body at specific points to relieve pain, treat a disease, or anesthetize a body part during surgery. Acupuncture has its origin in traditional Chinese medicine and has been in use for more than 5,000 years.
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Culture definitions for acupuncture


[ (ak-yuh-pungk-chuhr) ]

A technique, which originated in China, for curing disease, relieving pain, or bringing about partial anesthesia by inserting needles into the body at specific points.

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