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or a·dap·tor

[ uh-dap-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that adapts.
    1. a connector for joining parts or devices having different sizes, designs, etc., enabling them to be fitted or to work together.
    2. Also called plug adapter,. a device that connects an electrical plug to an outlet that has a different plug shape:

      Last time I traveled, I brought the wrong adapter.

    3. Also called AC adapter,. a device with a cord that plugs into an electrical outlet and functions as an external power supply for a small or portable electronic device, usually converting AC current to DC:

      I forgot to plug in the adapter, and my laptop died.

  2. an accessory to convert a machine, tool, or part to a new or modified use.
  3. Computers.
    1. an external device containing the necessary circuitry to connect to or work with another device or system:

      a network adapter;

      a wireless adapter;

      a video adapter.

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Other Words From

  • non·a·dapt·er non·a·dap·tor noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of adapter1

First recorded in 1795–1805; adapt + -er 1

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Example Sentences

Apple also said it would no longer include headphones or a power adapter with every phone, in a nod to helping the environment by reducing plastic waste.

From Fortune

Apple says there are two billion iPhone charging adapters in the world so they’re removing them—as well as headphones—from the box.

Apple said it would no longer include headphones or outlet adapters in the box with newly purchased iPhones.

From Fortune

Apple also said it would no longer include headphones or a power adapter with every phone, explaining that it would help the environment by reducing plastic waste.

From Fortune

If it’s an external drive, try a different USB cable or dock, or pop the drive into another USB enclosure—the adapters in external drives are more prone to failure than the drives themselves.

Early adapter George Clooney told Esquire that he was less than satisfied with his Tesla experience.

The goods given to new hires—including a laptop dock and power adapter—must be turned in when they leave the company.

At Sixth Avenue, I crossed paths with another Citi Bike member, and we nodded in recognition: a fellow dorky early adapter.

Bush was without a computer for eight years in White House, and has taken to emailing with the eagerness of a new adapter.

An adapter, I fancy, with a free hand would scarcely have made one of the characters use the same exit speech on two occasions.

The author of these pieces is no mere translator, but an adapter who weaves other matter into his free imitation of his originals.

The English adapter emulates his versatility and moreover mixes different kinds of verse in the same article.

The passages where the English adapter notably departs from his original are pointed out in the notes.

A plate adapter (extra) with focusing screen, interchangeable with the regular back, will permit the use of dry plates if desired.


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