[ uh-dit-uh-muhnt ]


  1. something added; an addition.

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Other Words From

  • ad·dit·a·men·ta·ry [uh, -dit-, uh, -, men, -t, uh, -ree], adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of additament1

1400–50; late Middle English < Latin additāmentum, equivalent to addit ( us ) (past participle) added ( addition ) + -ā- (by analogy with verbal derivatives such as ornāmentum ornament ) + -mentum -ment

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Example Sentences

On the alternative that the additament takes on another additament, you will be embarrassed by a many-sided regress in infinitum.

We shall now have to add to the seed another supplementation by subsidiaries themselves requiring an additament.

An Aqua regis may also be drawn from nitrous earths by the force of fire only, without the help of any additament.

Corrosive Sublimate may also be made only by mixing Mercury with Sea-salt, without any additament.

Milk left to itself, without the help of distillation, or any additament whatever, undergoes a sort of decomposition.


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