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[ uh-juhs-tuh-bil-i-tee ]


  1. the quality of being adjustable:

    a reclining chair with infinite adjustability.

  2. the ability, especially of a child, to adjust to new surroundings; adaptability:

    to observe the child's adjustability to her foster home.

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Other Words From

  • nonad·justa·bili·ty noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of adjustability1

First recorded in 1845–50; adjust + -ability

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Example Sentences

While you may skimp on extra cushioning and adjustability, you’ll still be able to find the best desk chair to keep your posture in check and help boost your productivity.

Fit is important, although there is some leeway with adjustability.

Height adjustability and swivel function are probably the bare minimum that you want—and consider using an extra cushion for lumbar support if that’s not built-in.

For our example, we can answer commonly asked questions about comfort, damage to footwear, durability, and adjustability.

Around-ear designs offer the potential for enhanced adjustability and user-friendliness thanks to the added surface area and resulting potential for extra buttons to toggle between music, calls, and volume adjustments.

Its pan like others mentioned was liable to freeze up and it also lacked in easy adjustability and sensitiveness.

Its powers of adjustability seemed to fail before the strange and bewildering scene.

A most impressive example of this adjustability is seen in his manifold capacity for moral patience.

We have as yet the advantage in compactness and simplicity, with adjustability and adaptation to varying classes of work.


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