[ uh-juhst ]
/ əˈdʒʌst /
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verb (used with object)
verb (used without object)
to adapt oneself; become adapted: They had no problems in adjusting at the new school.
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Origin of adjust

1350–1400; Middle English ajusten<Anglo-French ajuster,Old French aj(o)uster to make conform to, verbal derivative, with a-a-5, of juste right, just1, influenced in sense by ajouter, ajoster to add <Late Latin adjuxtāre;see ad-, joust

synonym study for adjust

1. Adjust, adapt, alter in their literal meanings imply making necessary or desirable changes (as in position, shape, or the like). To adjust is to move into proper position for use: to adjust the eyepiece of a telescope. To adapt is to make a change in character, to make something useful in a new way: to adapt a paper clip for a hairpin. To alter is to change the appearance but not the use: to alter the height of a table.


mis·ad·just, verbo·ver·ad·just, verbpre·ad·just, verb (used with object)self-ad·just·ing, adjective
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How to use adjust in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for adjust

/ (əˈdʒʌst) /

(tr) to alter slightly, esp to achieve accuracy; regulateto adjust the television
to adapt, as to a new environment, etc
(tr) to put into order
(tr) insurance to determine the amount payable in settlement of (a claim)

Derived forms of adjust

adjustable, adjectiveadjustably, adverbadjuster, noun

Word Origin for adjust

C17: from Old French adjuster, from ad- to + juste right, just
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Medical definitions for adjust

[ ə-jŭst ]

To bring into proper relationship.
To treat disorders of the spine by correcting slight dislocations between vertebrae using chiropractic techniques.
To achieve a psychological balance with regard to one's external environment, one's needs, and the demands of others.
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