[ reg-yuh-leyt ]
/ 藞r蓻g y蓹藢le瑟t /
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verb (used with object), reg路u路lat路ed, reg路u路lat路ing.
to control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc.: The statute is intended to regulate the business practices of architects by establishing a code of professional conduct.
to adjust to some standard or requirement, as amount, degree, etc.: A film was applied to the windows to help regulate the temperature and reduce glare.
to adjust so as to ensure accuracy of operation: If the watch is consistently off, it can be fixed relatively simply by regulating the beat rate.
to put or keep something in good order or within reasonable limits: Playful interactions with adult caregivers help children develop the ability to regulate their emotions and behavior.
Biology. to adjust or adapt (a bodily process or function) in response to external stimuli.
Genetics. to control the expression of (a gene or genes).
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Origin of regulate

First recorded in 1620鈥30, from Late Latin r膿gul膩tus (past participle of r膿gul膩re 鈥渢o direct鈥); see regula, -ate1


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How to use regulate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for regulate

/ (藞r蓻伞j蕣藢le瑟t) /

verb (tr)
to adjust (the amount of heat, sound, etc, of something) as required; control
to adjust (an instrument or appliance) so that it operates correctly
to bring into conformity with a rule, principle, or usage

Derived forms of regulate

regulative or regulatory, adjectiveregulatively, adverb

Word Origin for regulate

C17: from Late Latin r膿gul膩re to control, from Latin r膿gula a ruler
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Medical definitions for regulate

[ r臅gy蓹-l膩t鈥 ]

To control or direct according to rule, principle, or law.
To adjust to a particular specification or requirement.
To adjust a mechanism for accurate and proper functioning.
To put or maintain in order.

Other words from regulate

regu鈥a鈥瞭ive null adj.regu鈥a鈥瞭or n.
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