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[ oh-ver-see ]

verb (used with object)

, o·ver·saw, o·ver·seen, o·ver·see·ing.
  1. to direct (work or workers); supervise; manage:

    He was hired to oversee the construction crews.

  2. to see or observe secretly or unintentionally:

    We happened to oversee the burglar leaving the premises. He was overseen stealing the letters.

  3. to survey or watch, as from a higher position.
  4. to look over; examine; inspect.


/ ˌəʊvəˈsiː /


  1. to watch over and direct; supervise
  2. to watch secretly or accidentally

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Word History and Origins

Origin of oversee1

First recorded before 900; Middle English overseen, Old English ofersēon; equivalent to over- + see 1
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Example Sentences

This year, Gold and Grey Group oversaw a client spot for Pringles.

From Digiday

He slammed the county that he helps oversee for ranking cannabis workers essentially ahead of police and teachers in the great vaccine line.

While there are differences in the details of the House and Senate versions of legalization, both envision beginning the sale of marijuana in 2024 and overseeing it with a new state agency.

Both call for creating a state agency to oversee the industry, and both build in an extra year to get that bureaucracy up and running.

We can expect to see fewer restaurants with dedicated sommeliers overseeing beverage service.

A Wall Street person should not be allowed to help oversee the Dodd-Frank reforms.

But there is no comparable official to oversee efforts for freeing civilian hostages.

Some factories do not employ Muslims on the premises who can oversee the process, Nana said.

Russia was considering sending a group of observers to oversee the May 11 referendum, Russian news reported on Tuesday.

It also wants an unelected royal commission be appointed to oversee and implement such measures.

I tried to get him to oversee the mill for me, but, after our trouble, he refused to do anything about it.

Faithful pastors recognize many errors and offenses in the church, which they oversee.

Second, there are property rights, of which every marriage is a tangle, and the settlement of which the law should always oversee.

I divided them into gangs of from fifteen to thirty each, and appointed some one of the most intelligent to oversee each gang.

Their duty was to keep others busy, and to direct and oversee the vast domestic machinery of the home.


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