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[ ree-uh-juhst ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to adjust again or anew; rearrange.


/ ˌriːəˈdʒʌst /


  1. to adjust or adapt (oneself or something) again, esp after an initial failure

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Derived Forms

  • ˌreadˈjustable, adjective
  • ˌreadˈjuster, noun
  • ˌreadˈjustment, noun

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Other Words From

  • read·justa·ble adjective
  • read·juster noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of readjust1

First recorded in 1735–45; re- + adjust

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Example Sentences

However, Quinn admitted she was “nervous” about readjusting to the structured environment of working from an office, as well as morning commutes.

From Digiday

Since March 2020, marketers and agency execs alike have been operating at a different speed, adjusting and readjusting their marketing plans and advertising to adapt to a constantly changing mood due to the ongoing pandemic.

From Digiday

Yet this stopgap measure will expire in about two months, even as many student borrowers are still readjusting to a new normal.

My family readjusted our lives over the past two years just to give Nusayba the best chance of surviving.

For the first time, the USOPC has created a support group for athletes who don’t make the team, as well as those who struggle with readjusting to life after retiring.

From Time

Reauthorizing the bill could force states to readjust the formulas they use to determine benefits so that families get more.

This is done to secure the work and readjust the reserves later, if interest is fallow.

The Admiral came aboard and between us we tried to size up the new situation and to readjust ourselves thereto.

Then he would pull himself together, glance at the lamp, readjust the eyeglasses, and plunge resolutely into the book.

He will place Himself so upon their side as Himself to readjust and empower their affections and their wills.

As he was not to build his four ships, neither should Mr. Monk be allowed to readjust the county suffrage.

Ugliness has its utility, its magnetism; the ugliness of abject misery moves you to think, to readjust ideas.


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