[uh-juhst-muh nt]
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  1. the act of adjusting; adaptation to a particular condition, position, or purpose.
  2. the state of being adjusted; orderly relation of parts or elements.
  3. a device, as a knob or lever, for adjusting: the adjustments on a television set.
  4. the act of bringing something into conformity with external requirements: the adjustment of one's view of reality.
  5. harmony achieved by modification or change of a position: They worked out an adjustment of their conflicting ideas.
  6. Sociology. a process of modifying, adapting, or altering individual or collective patterns of behavior so as to bring them into conformity with other such patterns, as with those provided by a cultural environment.
  7. Insurance. the act of ascertaining the amount of indemnity that the party insured is entitled to receive under the policy, and of settling the claim.
  8. a settlement of a disputed account or claim.
  9. a change or concession, as in price or other terms, in view of minor defect or the like.

Origin of adjustment

First recorded in 1635–45; adjust + -ment
Related formsad·just·ment·al [uh-juhst-men-tl] /ə dʒʌstˈmɛn tl/, adjectivemis·ad·just·ment, nounnon·ad·just·ment, nouno·ver·ad·just·ment, nounpre·ad·just·ment, nounun·der·ad·just·ment, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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Historical Examples of adjustment

  • The adjustment is to be accomplished entirely by the poise of the body.

    The Forest

    Stewart Edward White

  • "The recorder here was out of adjustment, sir," he said simply.

    Cap'n Eri

    Joseph Crosby Lincoln

  • But it's not adjustment to me; so I'm afraid I shall have some intelligence in this matter.

  • Adjustment every moment demands the relation of the brain in both directions.


    Hugo Mnsterberg

  • That adjustment is only perfect for light of one wave-length.

    On Laboratory Arts

    Richard Threlfall

British Dictionary definitions for adjustment


  1. the act of adjusting or state of being adjusted
  2. a control for regulatingthe adjustment for volume is beside the speaker
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Word Origin and History for adjustment

1640s, from French ajustement or else a native formation from adjust (v.) + -ment.

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