[ ad-mezh-er ]
/ ædˈmɛʒ ər /

verb (used with object), ad·meas·ured, ad·meas·ur·ing.

to measure off or out; apportion.
Nautical. to measure the dimensions and capacity of a vessel, as for official registration.

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Origin of admeasure

1300–50; Middle English amesuren < Middle French amesurer, with ad- replacing a-5; see measure


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British Dictionary definitions for admeasure

/ (ædˈmɛʒə) /


to measure out (land, etc) as a share; apportion
(tr) to determine the dimensions, capacity, weight, and other details of (a vessel), as for an official registration, documentation, or yacht handicap rating

Derived forms of admeasure

admeasurement, noun

Word Origin for admeasure

C14: amesuren, from Old French amesurer, from mesurer to measure; the modern form derives from ad- + measure
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