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[ad-min-i-kuh l]
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  1. an aid; auxiliary.
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Origin of adminicle

1550–60; < Latin adminiculum prop, support (ad- ad- + -min- probably to be identified with the base of ēminere to stick out, protrude (see eminent) + -i- -i- + -culum -cle2)
Related formsad·mi·nic·u·lar [ad-muh-nik-yuh-ler] /ˌæd məˈnɪk yə lər/, ad·mi·nic·u·lar·y [ad-muh-nik-yuh-ler-ee] /ˌæd məˈnɪk yəˌlɛr i/, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • Adminicle, ad-min′i-kl, n. anything that aids or supports: an auxiliary: (law) any corroboratory evidence.

    Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D)


British Dictionary definitions for adminicle


  1. law something contributing to prove a point without itself being complete proof
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Word Origin

C16: from Latin adminiculum support
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