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[ air-eyt, ey-uh-reyt ]

verb (used with object)

, aer·at·ed, aer·at·ing.
  1. to expose to the action or effect of air or to cause air to circulate through:

    to aerate milk in order to remove odors.

  2. to change or treat with air or a gas, especially with carbon dioxide.
  3. Physiology. to expose (a medium or tissue) to air as in the oxygenation of the blood in respiration.


/ ˈɛəreɪt /


  1. to charge (a liquid) with a gas, esp carbon dioxide, as in the manufacture of effervescent drink
  2. to expose to the action or circulation of the air, so as to purify


/ ârāt /

  1. To add a gas, such as carbon dioxide, to a liquid.
  2. To supply with oxygen. Blood is aerated in the alveoli of the lungs.
  3. To supply with air or expose to the circulation of air.

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Derived Forms

  • ˈaerator, noun
  • aerˈation, noun

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Other Words From

  • aer·ation noun
  • non·aerat·ed adjective
  • non·aerat·ing adjective
  • sub·aerate verb (used with object) subaerated subaerating
  • subaer·ation noun
  • un·aerat·ed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of aerate1

1785–95; < Latin āer- aer- + -ate 1

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Example Sentences

The gophers, the researchers conclude, provide conditions that favor root growth by spreading their own waste as fertilizer, aerating the soil and repeatedly nibbling on roots to encourage new sprouting.

Tank traffic can alter the community of soil microbes and reduce the abundance of other organisms, like soil-aerating earthworms, for several years as well, members of the same team reported in Applied Soil Ecology.

In fact, as in a fish tank, oxygen released by the bubbles would help keep the water well aerated.

Tilling churns the surface of the soil, aerates it, and allows it to be mixed with plant material or fertilizer for the next planting.

Many, though not all, can heat the milk while they aerate it, providing the option of adding hot or cold milk to your drink.

For 45 minutes, I get to aerate my brain, turn the world upside down, revel in music, poetry, humor.

Another method where fresh water is not available, as on a long drive, is to aerate it by pouring from one pail to another.

They hung out their washings where machine-gun bullets could aerate them.

You can aerate his house, not only with air, but with ideas.

During life they are filled with air, and they serve to aerate the blood circulating in the interior of the appendage.

He smiled, and I went forward to where Mr Preddle was making himself very hot by using the bellows to aerate the water.


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