[ air-uh-saw-lahyz, -so- ]

verb (used with object),aer·o·sol·ized, aer·o·sol·iz·ing.
  1. to disperse or discharge as an aerosol: a liquid that is too thick to aerosolize;techniques that aerosolize the fuel prior to combustion.

  2. Physiology, Pathology. to release (the droplets, or fine particles, within one’s respiratory system) into the air as part of the process of talking, breathing, whistling, coughing, sneezing, etc.: Even when you sing, you’re aerosolizing particles from your respiratory tract.With every cough and sneeze, the infected person profusely aerosolizes viral pathogens.

  1. to contain or pack in aerosol form: Now I’ve heard everything—they’ve aerosolized coffee that I can just spray into my cream.

Origin of aerosolize

First recorded in 1940–45; aerosol + -ize
  • Also especially British, aer·o·sol·ise .

Other words from aerosolize

  • aer·o·sol·i·za·tion, noun

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