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[ uh-fil-ee-ey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of affiliating; state of being affiliated affiliated or associated.

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Other Words From

  • inter·af·fili·ation noun
  • nonaf·fili·ation noun
  • preaf·fili·ation noun
  • reaf·fili·ation noun
  • super·af·fili·ation noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of affiliation1

First recorded in 1745–55; from Medieval Latin affīliātiōn-, stem of affīliātiō “adoption”; equivalent to affiliate + -ion

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Example Sentences

Clark said the newly minted cheer club has done no paperwork and has no nonprofit or business affiliation.

If you’ve changed your name, moved within your state or want to change your party affiliation, you must update your registration or reregister in your new county.

Ochsner did not answer ProPublica’s questions about doctor affiliations with hospice companies.

The federal government recommends confirming your name is spelled accurately, that your address and party affiliation are up-to-date, and that you know where your polling place is.

She created a pilot pod with her 9-year-old son and some classmates in June, and is assessing how to scale up that setup through her affiliation with the Orange County Educational Advancement Network, or OCEAN.

And his last known affiliation with the Klan was almost 70 years ago, in 1946.

Yamatani initially denied that she knew of the Zaitokukai affiliation of the people in the pictures.

Dinosaurs like Donald Sterling draw the ire of Americans, regardless of political affiliation or ideological tilt.

Chong has no affiliation with Parker or Stone, but that could very well change if they see this loving tribute to their work.

“We do not care about political affiliation,” Vitali Gdenisku, a 37-year-old member of the group told me.

It may even be that as one result of the affiliation of the two houses the Queen's Men were transferred to the Curtain.

Both forms of exogamy, the unlimited and the limited, observe the same law with respect to the group affiliation of children.

In church affiliation Mr. and Mrs. Smith are Catholics, loyal to the teachings of their denomination.

Such an inference is very doubtful; and in any case the affiliation cannot have been very ceremonious.

Political affiliation has nothing to do with membership, and all actual farmers and their families are entitled to it.


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