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[ uh-furm ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to state or assert positively; maintain as true:

    to affirm one's loyalty to one's country; He affirmed that all was well.

    Synonyms: testify, depose, asseverate, aver

    Antonyms: deny

  2. to confirm or ratify:

    The appellate court affirmed the judgment of the lower court.

    Synonyms: endorse, approve

  3. to assert solemnly:

    He affirmed his innocence.

  4. to express agreement with or commitment to; uphold; support:

    to affirm human rights.

  5. to support (someone) by giving approval, recognition, or encouragement:

    She described the unhappy memory of her father, who had neither disciplined nor affirmed her.

verb (used without object)

  1. Law.
    1. to state something solemnly before a court or magistrate, but without oath.
    2. to ratify and accept a voidable transaction.
    3. (of an appellate court) to determine that the action of the lower court shall stand.


/ əˈfɜːm /


  1. may take a clause as object to declare to be true; assert positively
  2. to uphold, confirm, or ratify
  3. intr law to make an affirmation

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Derived Forms

  • afˈfirmer, noun

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Other Words From

  • af·firm·a·ble adjective
  • af·firm·a·bly adverb
  • af·firm·er noun
  • af·firm·ing·ly adverb
  • o·ver·af·firm verb
  • pre·af·firm verb
  • re·af·firm verb (used with object)

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Word History and Origins

Origin of affirm1

First recorded in 1300–50; from Latin affirmāre, equivalent to af- af- + firmāre “to make firm” ( firm 1 ); replacing Middle English a(f)fermen, from Middle French afermer, from Latin

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Word History and Origins

Origin of affirm1

C14: via Old French from Latin affirmāre to present (something) as firm or fixed, assert, from ad- to + firmāre to make firm 1

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Synonym Study

See declare.

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Example Sentences

A tech company is affirming that automating certain decisions may not, in fact, be the smart thing to do — tacitly acknowledging that removing human agency can generate harm.

As a scholar whose research focuses on the ethics of communication and as a yoga teacher, I’m interested in how people use rituals and rhetoric to affirm their interconnectedness with one another – and with the world.

First, they needed to affirm that things were indeed quieter.

We believe that it’s every American’s responsibility to do what they can to affirm, safeguard, and advance the health of our democracy.

From Fortune

PFLAG envisions a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are affirmed, valued, and respected.

But Scott, in taking the parlance of the street to the SportsCenter desk, helped affirm its ascendance.

Advocates claimed that it helped to preserve virtue and to affirm the application of Sharia law.

What is worse, it does so only to affirm sexist stereotypes.

So when we progress, when we affirm ourselves, we should not threaten them.

I believe this because these ideals that we affirm are true.

To fix on any one stage in such an evolution, detach it, affirm it, is to wrest a true scripture to its destruction.

For my part, I scarcely know what to say; inasmuch as I do not care either to affirm or deny a thing of which I have no proof.

Some affirm that he wrote to please royalty, but if so why did he not condemn the custom to appease the wrath of a sapient king.

In my opinion, the situation of Candy is most beautiful, but many affirm that it is too near the mountains, and lies in a pit.

Many travellers affirm that the Taj-Mehal produces a magical effect when lighted by the moon.





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