[ af-loo-uh ns or, often, uh-floo- ]
/ ˈæf lu əns or, often, əˈflu- /


abundance of money, property, and other material goods; riches; wealth.
an abundant supply, as of thoughts or words; profusion.
a flowing to or toward; afflux.

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Origin of affluence

1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French < Latin affluentia, equivalent to af- af- + flu- flow + -entia -ence

Related formssub·af·flu·ence, nounsu·per·af·flu·ence, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for affluence


/ (ˈæflʊəns) /


an abundant supply of money, goods, or property; wealth
rare abundance or profusion
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Word Origin and History for affluence



mid-14c., "a plentiful flowing, an abundance," from Old French affluence, from Latin affluentia "a flowing to," figuratively "affluence, abundance," noun of state from affluentem (nominative affluens) "flowing toward, abounding, rich, copious" (see affluent). Sense of "wealth" attested from c.1600, from notion of "a plentiful flow" (of the gifts of fortune).

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