verb (used with object)

to frighten.


sudden fear or terror; fright.
a source of terror.
the act of terrifying.

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Origin of affright

before 1000; Middle English afrighten, Old English āfyrhtan, equivalent to ā- a-3 + fyrhtan to fright

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British Dictionary definitions for affrighted



(tr) to frighten


a sudden terror

Word Origin for affright

Old English āfyrhtan, from a-, a prefix indicating the beginning or end of an action + fyrhtan to fright

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Word Origin and History for affrighted



1580s, a late construction from a- (1) + fright (v.), probably on model of earlier past participle adjective affright "struck with sudden fear" (metathesized from Old English afyrht). Related: Affrighted; affrighting.

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