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[ uh-fawr-men-shuhnd, uh-fohr-; uh-fawr-men-shuhnd, uh-fohr- ]


  1. cited or mentioned earlier or previously.


/ əˈfɔːˌmɛnʃənd /


  1. usually prenominal (chiefly in legal documents) stated or mentioned before or already

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Word History and Origins

Origin of aforementioned1

First recorded in 1580–90; afore + mention + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

However, it must be said that Win at All Costs does not include any earth-shattering revelations which prove that the aforementioned successes are the result of illegal methods.

We bring the aforementioned play space for our daughter to snooze in the majority of the night, but we’ve yet to spend a night camping in which she doesn’t end up in bed with us before sunup.

In addition to the aforementioned platform providers, smart TV makers like Samsung and Vizio operate their own CTV platforms on their devices.

From Digiday

Now he’s openly talking about it, with the justification that the aforementioned “spying” from Team Obama justifies an electoral “redo.”

From Ozy

The aforementioned lack of need for runways makes airships a promising and practical option for delivering supplies to remote, hard-to-reach locations.

“We make a vast investment in these casks,” says Stuart MacPherson, the aforementioned wood master.

The aforementioned stories may very well be legitimate, but let's consider them a sort of canary in the coal mine.

Screen-filling enemies like the aforementioned dragon come early and they come often.

Many of the aforementioned guys who did her dirty in high school have tried to reconnect of late.

And that even skips right over the biggest, biggest issue with Selfie, which is its aforementioned abominable title.

Margery, the baby aforementioned, turned out one of the most beautiful children I had ever seen.

The Rabbis allowed the aforementioned ingredients to be used for the Sabbath fires, though not for the Sabbath lamps.

If we measure them with the aforementioned standard of unanimousness, we find that philosophy agrees only on its disagreements.

Mrs. Scrimp was a woman of theories also, and her pet one accorded well with the aforementioned characteristic.

Immediately after dinner they went to evening prayer at St. Paul's, the poor men aforementioned carrying torches and targets.


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