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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Idioms about aggregate

    in the aggregate, taken or considered as a whole: In the aggregate, our losses have been relatively small.

Origin of aggregate

First recorded in 1375鈥1425; late Middle English, from Latin aggreg膩tus (past participle of aggreg膩re ), equivalent to ag- ag- + greg- (stem of grex 鈥渇lock鈥) + -膩tus -ate1

historical usage of aggregate

All three parts of speech of aggregate (adjective, noun, verb) come directly from Latin aggreg膩t-, the stem of aggreg膩tus, the past participle of aggreg膩re.
Aggreg膩re is a compound of ag-, a variant of the prefix ad- 鈥渢o, toward,鈥 and a derivative of the noun grex (inflectional stem greg- ) 鈥渇lock, herd, band, troop, company鈥; aggreg膩re therefore means 鈥渢o make (people) flock together, enter into association, join鈥濃攖he association with grex 鈥渇lock鈥 is clear.
The Latin forms come from the Proto-Indo-European root ger-, gere- 鈥渢o gather, collect,鈥 which appears in Celtic, Germanic, Baltic, and Slavic. Probably the most important derivative of ger-, gere- for the history of Western culture is the Greek noun agor谩 鈥渕eeting, assembly, market, marketplace, trade, traffic,鈥 especially the Agora in Athens, the chief marketplace and center of the city鈥檚 civic life.


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How to use aggregate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for aggregate


adjective (藞忙伞r瑟伞瑟t, -藢伞e瑟t)
formed of separate units collected into a whole; collective; corporate
(of fruits and flowers) composed of a dense cluster of carpels or florets
noun (藞忙伞r瑟伞瑟t, -藢伞e瑟t)
verb (藞忙伞r瑟藢伞e瑟t)
to combine or be combined into a body, etc
(tr) to amount to (a number)

Derived forms of aggregate

aggregately, adverbaggregative (藞忙伞r瑟藢伞e瑟t瑟v), adjective

Word Origin for aggregate

C16: from Latin aggreg膩re to add to a flock or herd, attach (oneself) to, from grex flock
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Medical definitions for aggregate

[ 膬gr沫-g沫t ]

Crowded or massed into a dense cluster.
A total considered with reference to its constituent parts; a gross amount in a mass or cluster.
To gather into a mass, sum, or whole.
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