[ mak-roh-ag-ri-git, -geyt ]
/ 藢m忙k ro蕣藞忙g r瑟 g瑟t, -藢ge瑟t /
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Geology. an aggregate of soil particles held together by various constituents of organic matter: macroaggregates as a rule are larger than 250 micrometers in diameter and are usually found in untilled or otherwise undisturbed soil.
Biochemistry. a visible aggregate of biological molecules.
verb (used with object) mac路ro路ag路gre路gat路ed, mac路ro路ag路gre路gat路ing.
Biochemistry, Geology. to collect into a relatively large aggregate: By macroaggregating certain molecules, we can facilitate a number of medical applications.
verb (used without object) mac路ro路ag路gre路gat路ed, mac路ro路ag路gre路gat路ing.
Biochemistry, Geology. to combine and form a relatively large aggregate: It may seem that all is motionless beneath the surface, but particles of earth, excretions of worms, filaments of roots, and bits of fungus are very busy macroaggregating.
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Origin of macroaggregate

First recorded in 1960鈥65; macro- + aggregate
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