[ ag-ri-gey-ter ]

  1. a person or thing that aggregates.

  2. Digital Technology. a web-based or installed application that aggregates related, frequently updated content from various internet sources and consolidates it in one place for viewing: an automated news aggregator.: Compare feed (def. 23), RSS.

  1. a company that negotiates the purchase of public-utility services on behalf of a group of customers but does not sell the services: an electric power aggregator.

Origin of aggregator

First recorded in 1520–40; aggregate + -or2

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How to use aggregator in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for aggregator


/ (ˈæɡrɪˌɡeɪtə) /

  1. a business organization that collates the details of an individual's financial affairs so that the information can be presented on a single website

  2. a firm that brings together a large group of consumers on whose behalf it negotiates reduced rates for good or services, esp in the energy sector

  1. a web application that draws together syndicated content from various online sources and displays it in a single location for the user’s convenience

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