[ ag-roh ]
/ 藞忙g ro蕣 /
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Chiefly British and Australian Informal. trouble; irritation: I'm at a place in my life where I don't want any aggro.
British and Australian Informal. aggressiveness, especially that of an urban youth gang or gang member.
(in a video game) the triggering of an enemy attack or the state of being targeted for attack; enmity; hate: Oof, aggro will be an issue if you try to cross a level 80 zone with a level 62 character.
verb (used with or without object) ag路groed or ag路gro-ed;ag路gro路ing or ag路gro-ing.
(in a video game)
  1. (of an enemy character) to become alert to and then target a player character for an attack: A mob aggroed our Ninja, who dragged it back to camp, which didn鈥檛 end well for any of us.Some enemies only aggro to sound, so keep silence potions in your inventory.
  2. (of a player character ) to strategically draw the attention of an enemy character programmed to attack, in order to counterattack: If you aggro all of the low-level enemies in this dungeon, you can take them out with a single spell.
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Origin of aggro

First recorded in 1965鈥70; construed as a shortening of either aggravation or aggression (or aggressive); see -o
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How to use aggro in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for aggro

/ (藞忙伞r蓹蕣) /

British slang aggressive behaviour, esp by youths in a gang

Word Origin for aggro

C20: from aggravation
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