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[uh-grair-ee-uh n]
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  1. relating to land, land tenure, or the division of landed property: agrarian laws.
  2. pertaining to the advancement of agricultural groups: an agrarian movement.
  3. composed of or pertaining to farmers: an agrarian co-op.
  4. rural; agricultural.
  5. growing in fields; wild: an agrarian plant.
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  1. a person who favors the equal division of landed property and the advancement of agricultural groups.
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Origin of agrarian

1610–20; < Latin agrāri(us) (agr- stem of ager field, acre + -ārius -ary) + -an; cf. agrestal
Related formsa·grar·i·an·ly, adverbnon·a·grar·i·an, adjective, nounpro·a·grar·i·an, adjectivesu·per·a·grar·i·an, adjectiveun·a·grar·i·an, adjective
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Related Words

rural, agricultural, natural, peasant, rustic, uncultivated, undomesticated

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  1. of or relating to land or its cultivation or to systems of dividing landed property
  2. of or relating to rural or agricultural matters
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  1. a person who favours the redistribution of landed property
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Derived Formsagrarianism, noun

Word Origin

C16: from Latin agrārius, from ager field, land
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Word Origin and History for agrarian


1610s, "relating to the land," from Middle French loy agrarienne "agrarian law," from Latin Lex agraria, the Roman law for the division of conquered lands, from agrarius "of the land," from ager (genitive agri) "a field," from PIE *agro- (cf. Greek agros "field," Gothic akrs, Old English æcer "field;" see acre). Meaning "having to do with cultivated land" first recorded 1792.

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