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[ eylz ]


  1. third person singular present indicative of ail.

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Example Sentences

Despite problems relating to the pandemic ailing the world, Keighley said 2020 proved to be a banner year for gaming’s reputation.

Even though she was ailing, she managed to finish her final paper for an online master’s degree in education technology at Central Michigan University.

Some psychologists have run with this idea and now tout nature as a health intervention, a miraculous cure for everything that ails the modern human.

In the suburbs of Seattle, federal inspectors had found the Life Care Center of Kirkland failed to properly care for ailing patients or alert authorities to a growing number of respiratory infections.

The ailing multinational was a shadow of its former self, in the process of shrinking in market cap from $600 billion in its heyday to around $60 billion today, and shedding dozens of business units along the way.

From Fortune

A libertarian foreign policy is the only cure for what ails us abroad.

If America is fortunate, the economy will continue to improve, while the 2016 campaign will focus on what ails the country.

In the long run, taking the pain now might just be the best medicine for the rot of hyper-partisanship that ails our body politic.

John Avlon on the rot of hyper-partisanship that ails our body politic.

From The Novel Cure: From Abandonment to Zestlessness: 751 Books to Cure What Ails You by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin.

But all things, I fear, do not go well with them; they look discontentedly, but I know not what ails them.

It was decidedly trying to be the object of so much school-boy wit; to hear over and over again: "Ikey, what ails your nose?"

"I can't imagine what ails Ikey; he is as cross as a bear," remarked Carl, closing his book with a bang.

Then her husband was alarmed, and asked: 'What ails you, dear wife?'

A man who knows only books may believe that by writing a new prescription he can cure the world of what ails it.


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