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or air-mail

[ air-meyl ]


  1. the system, especially a government postal system, of sending mail by airplane.
  2. a letter, package, etc., sent by this system.
  3. a stamp authorizing delivery of mail by this system.


  1. of or relating to airmail.


  1. by airmail:

    Send all overseas letters airmail.

verb (used with object)

  1. to send via airmail:

    I airmailed the package yesterday.


/ ˈɛəˌmeɪl /


  1. the system of conveying mail by aircraft
  2. mail conveyed by aircraft


  1. of, used for, or concerned with airmail


  1. tr to send by airmail

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Word History and Origins

Origin of airmail1

First recorded in 1910–15; air 1 + mail 1( def )

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Example Sentences

The first motorized mail delivery began in the early 1900s in Baltimore organized by Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock, who also pioneered airmail.

The bed was airmailed, wrapped like a big holiday gift, including sheets, pillows, and pillowcases, from a small town in New Jersey to the capital of the Soviet Union.

What was America supposed to do after Pearl Harbor, put the keys to the Golden Gate in an airmail envelope and send them to Tojo?

In the early days of airmail, a system of coast-to-coast arrows pointed the way for pilots.

But as the Roaring Twenties approached, a new, faster method of parcel delivery was burgeoning: airmail.

I would like to airmail it right away, but you Americans overload the mails at Christmas, so it would be safer to wait.

But is the overseas airmail so crowded you wouldn't trust a parcel to the regular mail system?

The disappearance of two airmail pilots leads to a mystery that centers about an abandoned mine and a strange old man.

The first envelope was addressed to Lee Harvey Oswald, airmail.

The next night there were five letters, two of which had been sent airmail.