an air route equipped with emergency landing fields, beacon lights, radio beams, etc.
a passageway by which air passes from the nose or mouth to the air sacs of the lungs.
Medicine/Medical. a tubelike device used to maintain adequate, unobstructed respiration, as during general anesthesia.
any passage in a mine used for purposes of ventilation; an air course.
  1. the band of frequencies, taken collectively, used by radio broadcasting stations: The news was sent out over the airways immediately.
  2. airwaves.
  3. airline(def 1c).

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First recorded in 1905–10; air1 + way1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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an air route, esp one that is fully equipped with emergency landing fields, navigational aids, etc
a passage for ventilation, esp in a mine
a passage down which air travels from the nose or mouth to the lungs
med a tubelike device inserted via the throat to keep open the airway of an unconscious patient
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Any of the various parts of the respiratory tract through which air passes during breathing.
A device used to gain an unobstructed route to convey air into and out of the lungs during general anesthesia or when the respiratory passage is blocked.

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