[ uh-kim-boh ]
/ əˈkɪm boʊ /

adjective, adverb

with hand on hip and elbow bent outward: to stand with arms akimbo.
(of limbs) splayed out in an awkward or ungainly manner: After the strenuous hike, she sat on the floor with her legs akimbo.
(of limbs) fully extended in opposite directions: The dancer warmed up with his arms and legs stretched akimbo.
to one side; askew; awry: They wore their hats akimbo.He woke up from his nap, hair akimbo.



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Origin of akimbo

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English in kenebowe, from unattested Old Norse i keng boginn “bent into a crook” (i “in,” keng, accusative of kengr “hook,” boginn, past participle of bjūga “to bend”)
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British Dictionary definitions for akimbo

/ (əˈkɪmbəʊ) /

adjective, adverb

arms akimbo or with arms akimbo with hands on hips and elbows projecting outwards

Word Origin for akimbo

C15 in kenebowe, literally: in keen bow, that is, in a sharp curve
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