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[uh-ley-nahy, uh-lah-nee]
plural noun
  1. a nomadic Iranian people who flourished in the 2nd–4th centuries a.d. and are ancestors of the present-day Ossets.
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Also called A·lans [uh-leynz, uh-lahnz] /əˈleɪnz, əˈlɑnz/.
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Historical Examples

  • His father was a Goth, and his mother of the nation of the Alani.

    The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

    Edward Gibbon

  • His father was a Goth, his mother of the nation of the Alani.

  • Herodotus mentions it as a custom of the Alani, and Tacitus of the old Germans.

    The Divining Rod

    Charles Latimer

  • And so at other times in actis and Verba m'ri Alani de Auriga.

  • The women among the Alani gathered straight rods or wands, and used them in their superstition.