[al-dawl, -dol]

noun Chemistry.

Also called acetaldol. a colorless, syrupy, water-soluble liquid, C4H8O2, formed by the condensation of acetaldehyde: used chiefly in the manufacture of rubber vulcanizers and accelerators, and in perfumery.
any of a class of compounds containing both an alcohol and an aldehyde functional group, formed by a condensation reaction between aldehyde or ketone molecules.

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Origin of aldol

First recorded in 1870–75; ald(ehyde) + -ol1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for aldol



a colourless or yellowish oily liquid, miscible with water, used in the manufacture of rubber accelerators, as an organic solvent, in perfume, and as a hypnotic and sedative. Formula: CH 3 CHOHCH 2 CHOSystematic name: 3-hydroxybutanal
any organic compound containing the functional group -CHOHCH 2 CHO
(modifier) consisting of, containing, or concerned with the group -CHOHCH 2 CHOaldol group or radical; aldol reaction

Word Origin for aldol

C19: from ald (ehyde) + -ol 1

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Medicine definitions for aldol


[ăldôl, -dōl]


A thick, colorless to pale yellow liquid obtained from acetaldehyde and used in perfumery and as a solvent.
A similar aldehyde containing the group CH3OH-CO-CHOH.

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