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noun Obsolete.
  1. a herring.
  2. a sauce or relish made from small herring or anchovies.
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Origin of alec1

1510–20; < Latin (h)al(l)ec fish sauce


noun Australian.
  1. a simpleton or fool.
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Origin of alec2

1920–25; cf. smart aleck; sense shift perhaps originally from ironic usage


or Al·eck

  1. a male given name, form of Alexander.
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Examples from the Web for alec

Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples

  • To Alec Haskell I shall in this discourse again have occasion to refer.

    'Tis Sixty Years Since

    Charles Francis Adams

  • Good old Alec, he didn't believe in anything he couldn't touch.

    The Velvet Glove

    Harry Harrison

  • He would have to remember the pun to tell Alec Diger later, if there was a later.

    The Velvet Glove

    Harry Harrison

  • No smart Alec gets the best of me, even if he has got a month's contract.

    The Depot Master

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • Now Alec Carmichael was on the staff of half a dozen hospitals.

    The Moon and Sixpence

    W. Somerset Maugham