[ al-uh-vuhn ]
/ ˈæl ə vən /
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noun Ichthyology.

a fry, especially a salmon, whose yolk is depleted.



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Origin of alevin

1865–70; <French, Old French ≪ Vulgar Latin *allevamen, equivalent to Latin allevā(re) to lift up, raise (probably in Vulgar Latin: to bring up, rear; al-al- + levāre to raise; see lever) + -men resultative noun suffix; compare Italian dialect alvam calf
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  • The alevin stage is the stage in which the least mortality should be expected, and the little fish give but little trouble.

    Amateur Fish Culture|Charles Edward Walker
  • The alevin stage was that in which the fish give least trouble, the stage I am now describing is that in which they give most.

    Amateur Fish Culture|Charles Edward Walker

British Dictionary definitions for alevin

/ (ˈælɪvɪn) /


a young fish, esp a young salmon or trout
C19: from French, from Old French alever to rear (young), from Latin levāre to raise
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