[ awl-fahyuhrd ]
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adjective,superlative all-fired·est.
  1. tremendous; extreme; excessive: He had the all-fired gall to quit in the middle of the job.

  1. Also all-fired·ly [awl-fahyuhrd-lee, -fahy-rid-]. /ˈɔlˌfaɪərd li, -ˌfaɪ rɪd-/. extremely; excessively: Don't be so all-fired sure of yourself.

Origin of all-fired

First recorded in 1825–35; probably euphemism for hell-fired

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How to use all-fired in a sentence

  • I never felt so all-fired worked up about anythin' as I do about that there 'strike' o' Jim's.

  • "Thet's an all-fired hot ride fer water," declared the outlaw Shady, who somehow fitted his name in color and impression.

  • I'm a good enough Yank to see if your dinky police is such an all-fired cute little bunch of wonder-workers as you say!

    Murder in Any Degree | Owen Johnson
  • Perhaps not, Maria, but I've got an all-fired good turkey out in the woodshed, just the same.

    Step Lively! | George Niblo
  • Yeoure so all-fired clever at sech things, said Sile Crane, why dont yeou suggest a plan?

British Dictionary definitions for all-fired


/ slang, mainly US /

  1. (prenominal) excessive; extreme

  1. (intensifier): don't be so all-fired sure of yourself!

Origin of all-fired

altered from hell-fired

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