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What is All Fools' Day?

All Fools’ Day is a less common name for April Fools’ Day—a lighthearted holiday on April 1 that people observe by playing pranks and practical jokes.

Such tricks may be minor (like secretly swapping the ink cartridge in someone’s 1 mm-point pen with a .38 mm-point one) or elaborate (like broadcasting a fake documentary about people harvesting spaghetti from “spaghetti trees”).

The term April fool is used to refer to a prank played on April Fools’ Day or to the person who’s the victim of such a prank (the “fool”).

After playing an April Fools’ Day prank, it’s common for the prankster to say April fool! or April fools!

Where does All Fools' Day come from?

The first records of the term All Fools’ Day come from the early 1700. It’s humorously modeled on the name of All Saints’ Day. The first records of the term April Fools’ Day are slightly older, coming from the mid-1700s (it’s first recorded in the form April-Fool Day in 1748).

The ultimate origin of the tradition of playing pranks on April 1 is uncertain, but it has been observed as a day of pranks in different places in Europe since at least the 1500s. The practice may derive from the French custom known as poisson d’avril, which literally means “April fish” and involves pinning a paper fish to a person’s back (classic).

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What are some other forms related to All Fools’ Day?

  • All Fools Day (alternate spelling)
  • All Fool’s Day (alternate spelling)

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How is All Fools' Day used in real life?

All Fools’ Day is much more commonly called April Fools’ Day. 


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All Fools’ Day sometimes falls on March 32.

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