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[ uh-loud ]


  1. with the normal tone and volume of the speaking voice, as distinguished from whisperingly:

    They could not speak aloud in the library.

  2. vocally, as distinguished from mentally:

    He read the book aloud.

  3. with a loud voice; loudly:

    to cry aloud in grief.


/ əˈlaʊd /


  1. in a normal voice; not in a whisper
  2. in a spoken voice; not silently
  3. archaic.
    in a loud voice

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Word History and Origins

Origin of aloud1

First recorded in 1325–75; a- 1, loud

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Example Sentences

With the exception of the last I found them quite straightforward and manageable, but that’s not to say I wasn’t urging Mono on aloud.

An officer would summon each firefighter into his office and then read numeric codes aloud.

Yet after the fight, after finally saying aloud what he’d been thinking for almost 15 years, Peter felt better.

According to the Constitution, Pence will read aloud electoral college votes cast in each state in December.

He wondered aloud at the board meeting whether the port’s streetlights system and another project on the table at the time — a system of interactive kiosks — could be joined together to better understand how port visitors were moving around.

Fossella declined to run again, but in the years since he has mused aloud about challenging Grimm.

Giorgio read aloud what they had chosen as their class motto.

Then I read aloud from something that captures the Holiday Spirit.

Red letters scrawled underneath seem to be Ramone thinking aloud: “I wonder but I think so.”

At the end of his prayer, the grand mufti whispered aloud: “May God accept it.”

It was such a magnificent sum that Sol did not feel like taking the familiarity with it of mentioning it aloud.

At Felipe's cry, the women waiting in the hall hurried in, wailing aloud as their first glance showed them all was over.

"The worst of it is that the children will grow up away from me," thought Mamma; but she did not say it aloud.

She groaned aloud, and her tears flowed faster: Alessandro was making the baby's coffin.

"They said at Ritz's that he was one of the young millionaires, well known already in America," the fat woman reflected aloud.


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