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adjective,loud·er, loud·est.
  1. (of sound) strongly audible; having exceptional volume or intensity: loud talking;loud thunder;loud whispers.

  2. making, emitting, or uttering strongly audible sounds: a quartet of loud trombones.

  1. clamorous, vociferous, or blatant; noisy: a loud party;a loud demonstration.

  2. emphatic or insistent: to be loud in one's praises;a loud denial.

  3. garish, conspicuous, or ostentatious, as colors, dress, or the wearer of garish dress: loud ties;a loud dresser.

  4. obtrusively vulgar, as manners or persons.

  5. strong or offensive in smell.

  1. in a loud manner; loudly: Don't talk so loud.

Idioms about loud

  1. out loud, aloud; audibly: I thought it, but I never said it out loud.Just whisper, don't speak out loud.

Origin of loud

First recorded before 900; Middle English, Old English hlūd; cognate with Old Frisian, Old Saxon hlūd (Dutch luid ), Old High German hlūt (German laut ); akin to Greek klytós “famous”

synonym study For loud

1. Loud, noisy describe a strongly audible sound or sounds. Loud means characterized by a full, powerful sound or sounds, which make a strong impression on the organs of hearing: a loud voice, laugh, report. Noisy refers to a series of sounds, and suggests clamor and discordance, or persistence in making loud sounds that are disturbing and annoying: a noisy crowd.

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Other words from loud

  • loud·ly, adverb
  • loud·ness, noun
  • o·ver·loud, adjective
  • o·ver·loud·ly, adverb
  • un·loud·ly, adjective

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How to use loud in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for loud


/ (laʊd) /

  1. (of sound) relatively great in volume: a loud shout

  2. making or able to make sounds of relatively great volume: a loud voice

  1. clamorous, insistent, and emphatic: loud protests

  2. (of colours, designs, etc) offensive or obtrusive to look at

  3. characterized by noisy, vulgar, and offensive behaviour

  1. in a loud manner

  2. out loud audibly, as distinct from silently

Origin of loud

Old English hlud; related to Old Swedish hlūd, German laut

Derived forms of loud

  • loudly, adverb
  • loudness, noun

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