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a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, meaning “both” (ambiguous) and “around” (ambient); used in the formation of compound words: ambitendency.



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Origin of ambi-

<Latin; akin to Greek amphí,Albanian mbë,Old Irish imb, imb-,Welsh, Old Breton am, am- (variant em-), Gaulish amb(i)- (see embassy), Old High German umbi (>German um), Old English ymb(e)-, Sanskrit abhí-tas around. Cf. amphi-
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  • I discovered the first signs of nest-building on the 13th, while investigating the question of a bird's ambi-dexterity.

    Birds in the Bush|Bradford Torrey
  • Ambi-dexter, one that goes snacks in gaming with both parties; also a lawyer that takes fees of a plaintiff and defendant at once.

British Dictionary definitions for ambi-


combining form

indicating bothambidextrous; ambivalence; ambiversion
from Latin: round, on both sides, both, from ambo both; compare amphi-
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