View synonyms for ambiance


or am·bi·ence

[ am-bee-uhns; French ahn-byahns ]


, plural am·bi·anc·es [am, -bee-, uh, n-siz, ah, n, -, byahns].
  1. the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment or milieu:

    The restaurant had a delightful ambiance.

  2. that which surrounds or encompasses; environment.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ambiance1

First recorded in 1885–95; from French, equivalent to ambi(ant) “surrounding” ( Middle French, also ambient ), from Latin; ambient + -ance -ance

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Example Sentences

At least 100 canaries had been brought in to add some cheery chirping to the ambiance, and they were suspended in cages over the frigid dance floor, where 3,000 guests shivered in overcoats and hats.

This bedside light offers a great ambiance to calm the body and mind, but cannot be used as a bedside reading lamp.

How aromatherapy, lighting, and sound can make a bath more relaxingOne of the biggest differences between your bathtub and a spa is the ambiance.

A fragrant candle affects the ambiance of your space subtly but intimately, shifting your mood based on scent alone.

This is a more relaxed LGBTQ atmosphere with craft cocktails, theme nights, and a chill ambiance.

Instead, the writers had to rely on visual cues and ambiance.

I hope our participants see the dynamic ambiance of this unique city.

Again and again, the band sacrifices the simple joy of a pop hook for the sake of a dense, meditative ambiance.

The ambiance is almost asexual as rockabilly and Motown play in the background.

The clientele enjoy participating in the affluent ambiance that the music projects.