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[ uh-men-did ]


  1. (of a motion, regulation, bill, etc.) altered, rephrased, etc., by a formal procedure:

    The amended legislation includes new provisions that will help reduce costs to consumers in the insurance marketplace.

  2. (of behavior, attitude, etc.) changed for the better; improved:

    The priest's unconditional love inspired many prison inmates to live amended lives.

  3. corrected or rectified:

    When the IRS rejected the unsigned form, the couple filed an amended tax return.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of amend ( def ).
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Other Words From

  • un·a·mend·ed adjective
  • well-a·mend·ed adjective
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Example Sentences

When doctors do fight the claims, Fox said, women seeking amends in civil or criminal court face an uphill battle.

Citizen-led Measure H in Encinitas would amend current zoning to allow marijuana retail, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution in specified zones.

To significantly change those powers would require statewide voters to amend the constitution.

Since completing the 2019-20 season in mid-October, the league’s owners and players have worked to negotiate an amended collective bargaining agreement that accounts for steep projected revenue declines caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

After law enforcement officials expressed concern about the bill, Northam amended it to make it clear that officers can still pull over a vehicle for having no brake lights or no headlights after dark.

Editor's Note: This story had been amended to clarify Jeffrey Wright's Naval service.

Perhaps this year, the old saying should be amended to: to share is better than to receive.

Cook posted, amended, then deleted a sort-of apology over the controversy and refused all interviews.

An amended bill eventually passed that created a new board without all the power Mitchell and the Alliance had sought.

The contract has been amended 22 times in the past 14 years.

Modified and amended as their system is in its practical application, it still largely conditions our outlook to-day.

The petition must be signed and properly verified, and may be afterward amended for cause in the interest of justice.

"Given by me, madame," the girl amended, knowing well to what promise the Dowager referred.

The bill, he said, as amended, contained little or nothing of the bill which had been sent up to the lords.

Thus amended, the bill passed the lords, and the amendments were afterwards agreed to unanimously by the commons.





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