American Book Award

[ uh-mer-i-kuhn bookuh-wawrd ]
/ əˈmɛr ɪ kən ˈbʊk əˌwɔrd /
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any of several awards given annually since 1980 to recognize outstanding contributions to American literature: administered by the Before Columbus Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Abbreviations: ABA, A.B.A.
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What is the American Book Award?

The American Book Award is an annual award given to U.S.-based writers in honor of outstanding literary achievements.

The award is presented by the Before Columbus Foundation, which aims to highlight and celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism of the U.S. literary community.

There are no defined categories for the awards and there are no nominees—winners are decided by a panel of judges who are themselves writers.

When is the American Book Award?

The 2021 American Book Award winners were announced in September and will be formally recognized on September 19 during an online event.

Winners of the American Book Award are usually announced in the fall.

More information and context on the American Book Award

The award that would become the American Book Award was first presented by the Before Columbus Foundation in 1978, two years after the organization was founded.

The organization’s judges select winners based on their positive contributions to literature, without regard to the writer’s identity, popularity, sales, or the genre of their works.

From 1980 to 1987, there were two separate awards known as the American Book Award. The other, presented by the American Booksellers Association, is now called the National Book Award.

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The American Book Award is considered a prestigious honor in the U.S. literary community and publishing industry.


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The American Book Award can only be won by fiction writers.

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