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[an-ag-nawr-uh-sis, -nohr-]
noun, plural an·ag·no·ri·ses [an-ag-nawr-uh-seez, -nohr-] /ˌæn ægˈnɔr əˌsiz, -ˈnoʊr-/.
  1. (in ancient Greek tragedy) the critical moment of recognition or discovery, especially preceding peripeteia.
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Origin of anagnorisis

1790–1800; < Latin < Greek, equivalent to anagnōrí(zein) to know again (ana- ana- + gnōr-, cognate with Latin -gnōr- in ignōrāre to ignore + -izein -ize) + -sis -sis; perhaps gnōr- from adj. derivative *gnō-ró- knowing
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Historical Examples of anagnorisis

  • It was often associated with the anagnorisis or recognition.


    William Archer

  • Now then for anagnorisis, comic peripeteia, division into acts, and the rest of the wallet!

    Two Sides of the Face

    Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

  • Il Lasca, who deserves great credit for his perspicacity, carried on an unremitting warfare against the comedy of anagnorisis.

British Dictionary definitions for anagnorisis


noun plural -ses (-ˌsiːz)
  1. (in Greek tragedy) the recognition or discovery by the protagonist of the identity of some character or the nature of his own predicament, which leads to the resolution of the plot; denouement
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Word Origin for anagnorisis

from Greek: recognition
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Word Origin and History for anagnorisis


c.1800, from Latin, from Greek anagnorisis "recognition," from anagnorizein "to recognize."

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