[ uh-nal-uh-guhs ]
/ əˈnæl ə gəs /
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having analogy; corresponding in some particular: A brain and a computer are analogous.
Biology. corresponding in function, but not evolved from corresponding organs, as the wings of a bee and those of a hummingbird.



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Origin of analogous

1640–50; <Latin analogus<Greek análogos proportionate, equivalent to ana-ana- + lóg(os) ratio + -os adj. suffix; see -ous
analogous , analogical
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British Dictionary definitions for analogous

/ (əˈnæləɡəs) /


similar or corresponding in some respect
biology (of organs and parts) having the same function but different evolutionary originthe paddle of a whale and the fin of a fish are analogous Compare homologous (def. 4)
linguistics formed by analogyan analogous plural
analogously, adverbanalogousness, noun
C17: from Latin analogus, from Greek analogos proportionate, from ana- + logos speech, ratio
The use of with after analogous should be avoided: swimming has no event that is analogous to (not with) the 100 metres in athletics
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Medical definitions for analogous

[ ə-nălə-gəs ]


Similar in function but not in structure and evolutionary origin.
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Scientific definitions for analogous

[ ə-nălə-gəs ]

Similar in function but having different evolutionary origins, as the wings of a butterfly and the wings of a bird.
Similar in chemical properties and differing in chemical structure only with respect to one element or group.
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